Choosing Art for Your Home: A Personal Journey




Art, like music, has universal appeal. While tastes vary from one end of the spectrum to another, there is literally something for everyone: a lithograph print, a watercolor depicting calm seas, an oil with gorgeous texture, a photograph, an album color, a stick figure created by one’s child. Art strikes a cord within us, and it can help bring beauty and personality to our homes.

Choosing the right pieces ensures you create a welcoming, inspiring atmosphere that reflects your tastes. And it can be an intimidating job! Our art and design experts have tips to help you source and select the most fitting pieces.


Often, art for the home is an afterthought. It is tossed up on the walls or placed on shelves after the “important” elements, like furniture, wall colors, and drapery. While it may not become your first priority, consider putting more forethought into your art as you design your décor.

One technique involves choosing your wall art, and then selecting your paint colors. You do this by carefully extracting two or three hues from the artwork that speak to you. One will be the dominant color (e.g. the color you paint the walls), while the others will be wonderful accents to draw the entire décor together cohesively.

You can use technology to help you: apps, such as ColorSnap, bumblejax, Color Capture, ProjectPaint, ColorSmart, and myPantone allow you to snap a picture of the color you want and then turn them into paint swatches. This allows you to easily color-match virtually anything accurately.

At the same time, think about the connotations of those colors. For example, bold colors can draw visitors in, while light, soothing tones are ideal for rooms in which you want to relax (e.g. bedrooms, meditation rooms). This can help guide the selection of art for specific rooms, as well as the other elements of your décor.

Some other tips to keep in mind:

Now, let’s talk about sourcing your artwork. You needn’t have a large budget to collect great art for your  home. Some places to start:

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When you invite art into your home, you bring texture, color, visual interest, imagination, and possibility.

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